Hi!  I’m Lisa.  I am a super busy wife and stay at home mom of 3 kids, 1 boy and 2 girls. I feel like we live in a zoo with our puppy, bird and about 150 fish! We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Bay to be exact.  Originally from southern California, we moved up here over 10 years ago and love it.

I worked in Marketing until I decided to stay home  and take care of my family and myself a few years ago.  In addition to blogging, I love to read, garden, and watch as many Disney or Harry Potter films that my family will let me.  I’m a natural living enthusiast and aim to eat as healthy as possible.  And I think that “Free” may be my favorite word.

But the years of living away from family and keeping ourselves afloat have taken their toll.  Add in long commutes, a new puppy, and a recent move with all the work that comes with creating a new backyard and a home.  We have become overwhelmed and stressed out!  Work, eat, sleep.  Repeat.  As a family, we are making a commitment to make the most of our time together, make memories and have a richer life, with me leading the charge!

We’ll talk about anything and everything, focusing on making family memories with new adventures, trying new foods, traveling/visiting new places and generally having fun!  But you’ll also catch some healthy living or healthy eating mentions.  And you might even hear about our puppy, we think she is the cutest!

I hope you’ll join us on our journey!